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Medical Renaissance Poems #3-6

3 Double Dactyls about some important people.


Higgedly Piggedly
Leonardo Da Vinci
Dissected the people
And made detailed drawings.

his specialization,
Improved understanding
Of organs and systems.

Higgedly Piggedly
Andreas Vesalius
He also dissected
And made discoveries

The system he studied:
His findings included
Some semilunar valves.

Higgedly Piggedly
Doctor Willy Harvey
What he wrote about was
Circulation of blood

Outright contradicted
theories made by Galen
And said all blood was one.

Medical Renaissance Poem #2

Three people were the source of this knowledge
Vinci, Vesalius, and Harvey, all fledged
In the field of anatomy.
Legal dissections, law decree
Thus, surgical procedures gained an edge.

Medical Renaissance Poem #1

This begins a set of limericks about Medicine during the Renaissance.

Once upon a time, in the Renaissance
The world was a great place of nonchalance
But disease had soon struck
And trouble ran amok
Knowledge was needed of body and sconce.

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