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Chromomancy Update #7 and Triforce


It is the golden item that is a recurring motif in Legend of Zelda games.  It consists of three golden triangles.  One represents power, one wisdom, and one courage. There are three gods associated with them, respectively, Din, Naryu, and Farore (separate entities but they’re all god in a sense).  They also have three associated colors, Red, Green, and Blue.  Now, a few of these ideas have been seen elsewhere.

Let’s start with the three gods, Din, Naryu, and Farore, who all created Earth as we know.  They are not equal to each other, but they are all equal to god.  Hmm.  Sounds a little like the Holy Trinity.  Without delving too deeply into religion, we can also see that this “3 different things, not equal to each other but to something else” is seen in the Sierpinski Triangle:

Each of the three subtriangles are not the same as the others, but they are all infinite and equal to the bigger triangle.  Fractals are awesome like that.  But that’s not important yet.  It’ll be important some time in the far future at which point I will point back to here and say yeah, I already said fractals are awesome, because at that point I’ll be writing about something totally different.  I love breaking the fourth wall.

Now, also in the triforce are the colors Red, Green, and Blue.  This, as we know, are the additive primary colors.  There are only 3 primary colors, because color is a 3-dimensional thing.  Another way to express color in 3 dimension is hue, saturation, and brightness.  But that is digressing.

And lastly of the triforce observations are that each piece is symbolic of power, wisdom, and courage.  The triforce itself is in perfect balance.  So we get Red for Power, Blue for Wisdom (Chromomancy Update #6), and Green for Courage.  A combination would be red+blue=magenta or purple.  Purple is power and wisdom without courage.  Who has power, is educated, but is usually a coward?  Kings and nobles!  And that, folks, is why purple is the color of royalty.

Triangles are very versatile indeed.  An infinity of combinations can be made, because from three points are defined a plane.  Triangles can be defined just by 3 side-lengths.  Other polygons need angles too.  They have what mathematicians and physicists call degrees of freedom.  Triangles have no degrees of freedom.  They are oppressed shapes.  They are rigid.  They are soldiers (Flatland reference, right there).

Triangle in greek is also delta.  Delta means change.  Triangles bring about change.  Because triangles are the strongest shape to bring about change with.  Bermuda is right-on with their triangular-shaped change (aha it’s a pun!).

So, to summarize, triangles are powerful.  So when we take one, and spin it, that saying to the power “You’re not powerful at all.  Look at me spinning you.”  It is subversion, that’s what it is.  Nobody likes to be under power.  They want to subvert it.  So, level 1 of Chromomancy involves a spinning triangle just to set the record straight.  This is a game about freedom, not oppression.  Let the triangle spin!

This was a rather simple change from Update #6.  Steps are:

1. Shoot red, green, and blue simultaneously.

2. Set plasma target to screen center.

3. Add 3 dots named Red, Green, and Blue.

4. Make Red red, Green green, and Blue blue.

5. Make Red shoot red, Green shoot green, and Blue shoot blue.

6. Make them form an equilateral triangle.

7. Make them move in a circle at a constant rate so the equilarity of the triangle is preserved.

8. Add a big “CHROMOMANCY” to the front, in white text.

9. Undamp the density of the plasma, so color is persistent.

10. Make invisible walls one gridblock away from the real walls so fewer physics upsets occur.

11. Remark that it looks like a storm, and theres a Triforce.

12. Find Legend of Zelda music with storm in title (based on friend’s suggestion).

13. Add music.

Also, this is a few days after the video was made, now there are levels.  Those will be talked about later, once a suitable title is found.

Chromomancy Update #6 and Blue


Water, ice, sky.  Really really hot stars.  Ink.  The background color of the iTunes, Skype, and Open Office Icons.

Let’s limit ourselves to Earthen nature.  In fact, let’s start inland at temperate climate.  The only blue here is the sky.  Now why would you be taking the time to look at the sky?  YOU NEED TO HUNT PREY AND LIVE.  Looking at the sky just isn’t practical.  If we are on our back, it’s either because a predator just knocked us down and the sky is our last vision, and in this case, you won’t be living to tell of what the sky looks like, or it’s because you’ve got a plentiful reserve of prey because you’re a hunter/gatherer and now you’re bored to tears (oh hey, tears are also blueish).  Let’s take the latter.

You’ve got all the food you need.  Now you just want to sleep.  Turn on your back, look at the blue blue sky.  Now, let’s say an idea hits you now.  BAM.  Let’s build houses and shelter and let’s GMO the crops to make them more tasty to eat!  Whoa!  What in the world could have inspired THAT idea?  Well, since I was looking at the sky, obviously that’s what did it.  Hey!  Maybe it’s because of the color of the sky!  It’s blue!  Blue is such an awesome color!  Let’s all turn on our backs and stare at the sky like a…. like a… like that beetle we flipped on it’s back and it can’t get up!

And that is the first record in recorded history of the color blue having a creative impact on human minds.  But it didn’t stop there.  Eventually, the hunters/gatherers moved around and found themselves at a border between land and sea.  For the first time, they saw… water!  Okay, maybe they saw it a few other times at lakes and whatnot, but those were landlocked waters.  Even rivers, you could see the other side.  But imagine thinking that all water was surrounded by land, then seeing an ocean!  Your mind just turned upside down!  I thought land surrounded water!  Are you telling me water surrounds land???  Are you telling me that most of the world is uninhabitable?  Nonsense!  The world was made for people!

[Person dives into ocean]

Oh nononono I’m drowning drowning, help mehelpmehelpmehelpme!

“Wait, I’ll save you!”

[Another person dives into ocean]

Ahhhh noo, now we’re both drowning!

A few more people jumped in after, to try to save those already in.  Eventually, there were like 500 people drowning, and on the beach was a man named Poseiden.  And like the others, he too, was not too bright and he jumped in.  But then, an idea sprung in his mind to pretend he was on a bicycle (he was a little loony too).  Nonetheless, he managed to stay afloat, and was the first human to learn how to swim.  How does this relate to Blue?  I wonder who Poseiden attributed his insight to?  It certainly wasn’t the yellow-sanded beach.  Duuuude, Poseiden, how did you float on the water?  Oh, I was just staring at the Blue, and an insight hit me.  Duuuude, we should call you God of Water!  They did.

Then you’ve got the Vikings who discovered Ice(land).  And the icy place was where dead souls had to go, until they found their inner strength to locate the great dinner table of Odin.  The blue color of the ice was supposed to help bring insight.

There are many other examples in human history about how blue became associated with guidance and wisdom.  So now, that feeling is ingrained in everything.  Pen ink is blue because it helps people think.  Wordpress Publish button is blue to help me write.  Deep Blue is blue to help it play chess better.  Big Blue is blue to help is develop better computers.  Even Veins.  Veins are blue too (not really, just play along).  Veins are what the red blood cells travel across to get to their oxygen (after passing the heart, they’re sent to the lungs. Except connecting the heart and lungs are arteries, not veins, but just play along).  Veins are how the RBCs get their oxygen to function!  If they couldn’t get oxygen, we couldn’t get oxygen, and we couldn’t think.  Veins are what allow us to think!  Blue is the force of creativity and thinking and wisdom!  It an amazing color!

Now that thats over with, Chromomancy Update #6.

Starting with the video in Update #5…

1. Separate Red, Green, and Blue.

2. Allow the jets to rotate.

3. Allow the source to move.

4. Add a square to tell where the source and jets are (and give user control over movement and whether or not the jet is firing).

5. Add some blinking particles whose velocities are affected by the plasma.

6. Remove Red and Green.

7. Remove User Control.

8. Force Square to move like a circle.

9. Shoot Blue Plasma continuously.

10. Create a blinking particle every radian of movement.

11. Do a lyrics search on a song with the word Sparkle and Sky.

12. Ignore everything not from the 80s.

13. Pick song, and attach to video.

And after those simple 13 steps, we get this nice little animation:

Chromomancy Update #4 and Blood Update #1

There is happy news and angry news.

Happy news:

After a total of 8 tries at intrasquare shading, a good shading equation was found at last.  This means other parts of Chromomancy may now be developed.

Unlike the other two videos, this one was compressed.  Twice.  So the quality is bad.  It still looks nice.  It’s still colorful.  That is the happy news.  And the source code can be found here:


Angry News:

It has recently come to my attention that I have been deceived for about 5 years.  When two conflicting blood types are mixed, antibodies from one bind together the cells of the other to create agglutination.  Everywhere I know of, even on google images, this is the depiction of red blood cell agglutination.

So for 5 years, I was like, oh, so antibodies are about as big as cells.  And 3 hours of hardcore geometry and plus/minus sign frustrations were had.  And after those 3 hours, the geometry for Blood was tentatively complete.  The antibodies were able to bind one cell to each end and there was rejoicing.

That is, until an Immunology Textbook was opened.  And it was discovered that antibodies are much smaller than cells (no picture on hand to provide, unfortunately).  And the clear sound of profane words echoed from the room.  Well, a lot of time was wasted there.  And I was really really mad at Red Blood Cells.  I wanted to rip holes in them.  I was that angry.  But they are too small for me to rip holes in myself.  So I turned to Chapter 7 (I will take a moment to thank my Anatomy Teacher) and discovered *drumroll*: The Compliment System.

It goes like this.  C4 (the one that doesn’t explode) binds to cell.  C2 binds to C4.  C3 binds to C2.  C5 is cut by C3 and breaks.  C6 binds to C5.  C7 binds to C6.  C8 binds to C7.  C9 binds to C8.  Then there is a Big MAC.  And the C’s make a lance that tears a hole in the cell for me.  And there are many copies of these C’s that attack all places on the cell membrane. And like a storm of wasps stinging a blimp, deflation occurs and the blimp falls to the ground.  In this case, the Red Blood Cell just dies.  Because there are many many C’s.  Too many C’s to count (similar to how a report card would look).

Yeah, so to celebrate the Compliment System’s ability to rip apart Red Blood Cells, there will be a poem.  Soon.  It is half done.

Chromomancy Update #1

The display algorithm for the plasma engine was revamped to make it look nicer. Unfortunately, the framerate caplutted from 27 to 7 per second. All the same, I think it looks nice. You can still see squares, but they are much less obvious.

I really need to relearn some math before I can actually get this to both be fast and good looking. Getting rid of the squares would also be nice.

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