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The light only gets stronger.
We tried to keep it from getting to the soda
We used a clay cap to the vat.
But it was only a matter of time
Before the light transilluminated to the dark liquid
The soda bubbled and burped and pressurized
As the clay foundation flew off
Soda spilled onto the ground below.
It evaporated almost immediately,
The last of our beverages gone.

I’ve no more sweat to shed
The painless heat engulfs me.

The Evils of Pollution

The eyes of the lantern had torn through the night
By the strength of the light
Twas clear that my path ended far out of sight.

I could see my surroundings quite clearly.
I could see all the evil too clearly.

The grass to my sides were afflicted with blight
Thus derailing my might
And filling my insides with malice and spite.


Well, I put my head down on a book.  And then I was thinking about lights.  And then the first line of that poem came to me, and I opened up notepad and broke out a few rhymes.

The general theme is someone walking down a path at night.  With a lantern.  The lantern lights up everything in the vicinity, and it is clear to the subject that the end of the path is far out of sight.  Then, the subject looks around the path and sees the plants dying which negatively affects the will of the subject to follow along the path, instead causing the subject to seek out revenge on those who dared pollute the path.

It could definitely be a metaphor for something.  Like, if instead of just a path, it were a sidewalk, I’d be compelled to get revenge on those who litter.


A word on the middle part.  Just a thought.  I feel like alternating a pyyhus [i could] and a spondee [SEE MY/ALL] foot causes a sense of unrest in the reader.  Like opening a closet door in a dark room at midnight.  For example,

i could HEAR ALL
and their FOOTSTEPS
getting TOO CLOSE

Lightbulb Drawing

This is what a real lightbulb looks like:

This is the hand-drawing I made (the stuff to the side are the mathematical stuff to extract the geometric constants).  The picture is a little grainy, because, like all the other drawings,this was taken by webcam.

And this, is the actual computer version of my geometric interpretation of the silhouette of a lightbulb.  Ignore the dot.  And the line below the lightbulb is the wire supplying the electricity.  It’s technically a part of the lightbulb apparatus.


And now, you can make lightbulbs too!  All you need is a JFrame that paints a full black screen, then copy-paste this code in front of the black screen in your paint method, with the graphics object being called “g”.  This is java code, and will not work in a C program, or Python, or C++, or Pascal, or Whirl, or PHP, or Perl, or Assembly, or Befunge, or Basic.

for (int i=0;i<=6;i++) {
if (i!=3) {
for (int i=0;i<=3;i++) {

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