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Hemo Rage

Hemo Rage is that game in the page called Original HemoRage Design Document.

It is not complete, but at this stage, it is playable.  Story about blood cells coming tomorrow with pictures and stuff maybe, and detailed strategies and control explanations, but I figured I’d just give the HemoRage release it’s own posting.  The code can be found here


Cursory overview of controls:

Arrows: Move Cursor

X: When cursor is over an antibody, attacks adjecent blood cell

Space: Select unit for movement

Q: End turn

Enter: Alter unit type if it is on it’s spawning square.  Or if your blood cell is on a base that isn’t yours, sacrifice blood cell to capture base.

Esc: Exit

Letters are antibodies, circles are antigens.  You can see your own blood types but not your opponents, so you must infer based on effects of antibodies.  Agglutinated blood cells follow antibodies until they die after a few turns.  Blood cells also perish in their own, and those with fewer antigens die sooner.

As of now, I have literally no idea what kind of strategy is involved in this game, or if there is strategy at all.  This is only the preliminary release of code.

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