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Skull and Mask


The noxious air engulfs my hollow chest

And inner pain denies my wish to rest

My vision cries

Of ebon skies

The mask I don has fused into my skull

I’m blind, I’m deaf, I’m mute, my life is null.

Two Drawings

Just two more drawings.

The first:

I am getting a little bit better at drawing faces.  Eventually, they may actually look humanoid!

The second:

It started as one of the geometric interpretations of a sock, like the earlier post with a lightbulb.  Then, I decided to add more socks to make a circlular thing, to make it more illustrative of the poem in the previous post.  Then, more lines were added and some triangles shaded.  Now I no longer know what it is, but it could be a washing machine door.  Maybe.

Lightbulb Drawing

This is what a real lightbulb looks like:

This is the hand-drawing I made (the stuff to the side are the mathematical stuff to extract the geometric constants).  The picture is a little grainy, because, like all the other drawings,this was taken by webcam.

And this, is the actual computer version of my geometric interpretation of the silhouette of a lightbulb.  Ignore the dot.  And the line below the lightbulb is the wire supplying the electricity.  It’s technically a part of the lightbulb apparatus.


And now, you can make lightbulbs too!  All you need is a JFrame that paints a full black screen, then copy-paste this code in front of the black screen in your paint method, with the graphics object being called “g”.  This is java code, and will not work in a C program, or Python, or C++, or Pascal, or Whirl, or PHP, or Perl, or Assembly, or Befunge, or Basic.

for (int i=0;i<=6;i++) {
if (i!=3) {
for (int i=0;i<=3;i++) {

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