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Flowers Part 2 (Death)

She smells a flower
But she is lost in the dark
Blind, in the pitch fog

He sees the flowers
They cascade before his eyes
Picks one, holds it high

She tastes the flower
Bittersweet memories burn
But ghosts cannot feel

He feels the flowers
As he falls into her grave
Heartbreak is soundless.

I hear the flowers
They tell a tragic story
A life ended here


Rearranging some words and lines, the 5 haiku from The Flowers can be given an entirely different meaning.  The love of his life is dead, and unable to cope, he dies next to her in a heartbreak.  The flowers here are mere witnesses.


The Flowers

He smells the flowers
But is blind and cannot see
Lost in the meadow

She sees the flowers
Their eternal beauty shines
But ghosts cannot feel

He feels the flowers
Brings a petal to his mouth
His taste is extinct

She tastes the flowers
Bittersweet tears cry in pain
But their voice is mute

I hear the flowers
They tell a tragic story
Dead, fragrant no more

Five Haikus, in a cycle of gaining one sense at the expense of another.  If there exists any message behind the words, its probably that if a human and an object of great beauty coexist, one will succumb to the effects of the other.

This idea is not new.  In The Odyssey, there were Sirens whose songs were the most beautiful sounds to ever grace the planet.  Unfortunately, anyone unlucky enough to hear the sounds will meet an impending doom of hearing the songs and forsaking all other necessities including food and drink, possibly even breath.

Many poisonous animals employ vibrant moving colors which would captivate the eye, but should one approach too closely, a downfall involving potent neurotoxins awaits.  Of course, some people kill and preserve these animals to admire their beauty, but this of course leaves said animal dead.

To survive, everything needs some form of defense mechanism.  An object/animal/plant of beauty’s defense lies not in its appearance, so they more often use the element of surprise.  Woe to the innocent observer who gets too close then, and is jumped upon by such a defense mechanism.  Either it is potent enough to harm the observer sufficiently, or it is not and the observer retaliates, destroying the object/animal/plant of beauty.  Thus, unless under special circumstances, they cannot coexist.

Skull and Mask


The noxious air engulfs my hollow chest

And inner pain denies my wish to rest

My vision cries

Of ebon skies

The mask I don has fused into my skull

I’m blind, I’m deaf, I’m mute, my life is null.

The Sock

Here is a poem about reincarnation and death and socks that I threw into the washing machine.

I wrote it while sitting in front of the washing machine watching everything spin and I thought of how sad those socks must be.  Stains on shirts are like memories and the washing machine brutally and violently rips these memories away from the beings.  It is a sad thought to think.  I was crying as I wrote this.  One sentence in this paragraph is a lie and it is not this one.

They threw me into the machine

Smothered with others of my kind

They set the evil thing in motion

And it shook and it spun

And then the water started pouring in

The dreadful water

It had the bubbles that stung

Oh no oh god

It burns


Excruciating Pain

My memories










I feel the door open and they pull me out

The world is bright

I know not my past

No memories

But I rise with sparkles to greet the world.

Blood Poem Part 2 Finis

Continued from the post titled Blood, we follow Bob (AB+) in his journey through O-type blood.  Getting rejected by Zoe was only the beginning of the hardships he would face.

The last sentence was:

And Zoe looked at Bob and said, “You’re not my type” — We pick up the poetry from here


So Bob then said that, “I can change!”

“A, B, and O can blood types range!”

“I shall thus rid these antigens”

“So to avoid the pathogens.”

Zoe, offended, sharply said

“Pathogens are not your dread”

“Antibodies — what they are”

“And they will chase you near and far”


Bob was being chased by B, A, and D antibodies.  One could say he was in a BAD situation.  You know, when I think of antibodies latching onto a red blood cell now, I think of this:

But that is totally unrelated to this story.  The similar names are just a coincidence.


Exasperated, Bob exclaimed

“Oh dear, I wish not to be maimed!”

At this fool was Zoe much ticked

“They do not maim, they only stick!”

And then Bob was all like “Oh”

“Then I fear them not, dear Zoe”

He reach-ed out an antigen

And touched the Type-A pathogen.

The A-Type antibody clung

“It does not hurt!”, so Bob had sung

And Zoe was laughing all the while.

Heedless, Bob kept on his smile.

Thus the antibody bound

Itself to antigenic ground

Then it spied another cell,

AB+ Commence the hell

The antibody lurched one way

Bob, surprised, could just say “Hey!”

The other cell, his name has Rob

And just by chance, he had known Bob

Two sworn enemies, they were

Now approaching in a blur

Antibody fastened tight

Unto Rob, time for a fight

But then the fight was interrupted

Cell membranes had been corrupted

Agglutination had occurred

And death could now have been inferred

The moral is that AB+

Transfused to O will cause a fuss.

For adventure, do not yearn.

Or death will be a lesson learned.




I would also like to take a moment to say that iambic quadrameter can defenestrate iambic pentameter any day.

The foremost reason for this is that there is a saying somewhere that the maximum number of syllables clearly sayable in one breath is 17 (this has something to do with haikus being a sum of 17 syllables).  Two pentameter lines make 20 syllables, an awkward vocalization.  Two quadrameter lines, on the other hand… 16 syllables is much more comforting.  The problem is that if a breath is taken between line pair, the rhyme is forgotten.  Quadrameter allows rhymes to be emphasized.  Iambic quadrameter is awesome.

Now that the blood poem story is done, time to move on to other things… like the Blood Type Conglobulation simulation.  It will be colorful.  More colorful than this:

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