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A Fallen Leaf

Forsaking my tribe

I am unique, they all green

I show a fantastical display of colors – red, orange, yellow

They held me back

I jump, not looking back, into an unknown abyss


The ground is soft and cushions my fall

There, I see others just like me

Colorful. Magnificent.

I also see dead ones whose skins take a deathly pallor of brown

But I am at peace with myself, able to show my true colors.

Then it happens.

Everyone is swept into a pile.

Captured, compressed, unable to move

A prismatic yet ugly amalgam of scattered color


I look upwards to my old tribe and plead for help

They turn away.


This one will be different from the other essays about color, because it’s easier to demonstrate the symbolism of red by focusing on its opposite first.

 Innocence. Symbolized by Ophelia in Hamlet and Sonia in Crime and Punishment (and anyone else who dresses in totally white garments). In the american court of law, everyone is presumed innocent and must be proven otherwise. This is quite optimistic. Is anyone really innocent? What is innocence? Google definitions say innocence is “The state, quality, or fact of being innocent of a crime or offense.” Way to use a form of the word in the definition. The other definition listed is “Lack of guile or corruption; purity.” It is a common literary motif for babies to be equated to purity or innocence, so let us assume everyone is born innocent.

When and how does this innocence leave the soul? Is it when we pick our first flower, ripping it from its rooted foundation, killing it? When we water-gun our first ant-hill, believing that the human race is superior to all insect species? When we hear our first “NO” from our parents, shattering our original belief that everything in the world goes our way? Or is it a gradual, continuous process, learning slowly how many plants and animals die to sustain the human race? But aren’t all animals born with the instinct to kill? Aren’t modern humans evolved from hunter-gatherers who killed every day? When did this false notion that innocence exists infiltrate our minds?

Well, it was long long ago. The idea of innocence is actually very related to the color red. Red, as we know, is the color of blood. Red is the color of raw meat, which was consumed in large quantities before people learned about fire. The color red played a huge role in ancient hunting societies. But there were people who looked the other way. People who did not enjoy living their lives based on this color. They looked to the opposing end of the color wheel, Cyan. Cyan, a mix of Chlorophyll Green and Water Blue. The gatherers. They didn’t want to kill the living things that moved. They lived off of the things that were not alive – plants.

Well, the hunters saw these strange people who ate plants instead of meat and were like “What nonsense!” And who could blame them? Plants didn’t have bones to make huts out of. All they had were leaves and branches. And building a house from branches means anyone who mishandles a lit match will have to rebuild their home. So they were labeled as the ones with “no sense”. Or ‘nnocence.

Over time, the word innocence has still essentially meant “not red”. For example, besides blood, red is the color of passion. Those labeled innocent are thus called for their ignorance of what happens behind closed doors. Red, also the color of apple. The first two living people were innocent before ingesting the redness of the apple. When someone is yet to be matured, they are referred to as “still green”, for cyan is opposite red, and green is easier to say than cyan. Red, the color of anger, does not infect the innocent as they will sooner forgive than turn to anger.

Christmas, also known as the day of union between red and green, occurs when the two sides of humanity (the red and the innocent) meet and make amends, and the leader of humanity is born. So yeah, point is, Red is anything that is not innocence.  Cyan is the color of innocence.

Why am I talking about the color red?  Because level 7 in Chromomancy (just south of the first Pylon) is the Meadow of Innocence.  More about that in the next post which will be a Chromomancy update, which will be posted next time I can get to a computer.  There might be a video too.  Maybe.

Depressing Poem

Well, at least I think it’s a pretty profound poem.  It’s not exactly iambic, but…


He awoke in a bed of fine colors
They greeted him with all of their beauty
But he had no color.

They spun about him, sprinkling happiness
Try as they may to give him their colors
Alas, he’s colorblind.

This world, full of prismatic rays
Ignored by the one who lives in grays.


This foreshadows a writing about the color gray tomorrow.  Or… later today.  And a Chromomancy update.

Chromomancy Update #6 and Blue


Water, ice, sky.  Really really hot stars.  Ink.  The background color of the iTunes, Skype, and Open Office Icons.

Let’s limit ourselves to Earthen nature.  In fact, let’s start inland at temperate climate.  The only blue here is the sky.  Now why would you be taking the time to look at the sky?  YOU NEED TO HUNT PREY AND LIVE.  Looking at the sky just isn’t practical.  If we are on our back, it’s either because a predator just knocked us down and the sky is our last vision, and in this case, you won’t be living to tell of what the sky looks like, or it’s because you’ve got a plentiful reserve of prey because you’re a hunter/gatherer and now you’re bored to tears (oh hey, tears are also blueish).  Let’s take the latter.

You’ve got all the food you need.  Now you just want to sleep.  Turn on your back, look at the blue blue sky.  Now, let’s say an idea hits you now.  BAM.  Let’s build houses and shelter and let’s GMO the crops to make them more tasty to eat!  Whoa!  What in the world could have inspired THAT idea?  Well, since I was looking at the sky, obviously that’s what did it.  Hey!  Maybe it’s because of the color of the sky!  It’s blue!  Blue is such an awesome color!  Let’s all turn on our backs and stare at the sky like a…. like a… like that beetle we flipped on it’s back and it can’t get up!

And that is the first record in recorded history of the color blue having a creative impact on human minds.  But it didn’t stop there.  Eventually, the hunters/gatherers moved around and found themselves at a border between land and sea.  For the first time, they saw… water!  Okay, maybe they saw it a few other times at lakes and whatnot, but those were landlocked waters.  Even rivers, you could see the other side.  But imagine thinking that all water was surrounded by land, then seeing an ocean!  Your mind just turned upside down!  I thought land surrounded water!  Are you telling me water surrounds land???  Are you telling me that most of the world is uninhabitable?  Nonsense!  The world was made for people!

[Person dives into ocean]

Oh nononono I’m drowning drowning, help mehelpmehelpmehelpme!

“Wait, I’ll save you!”

[Another person dives into ocean]

Ahhhh noo, now we’re both drowning!

A few more people jumped in after, to try to save those already in.  Eventually, there were like 500 people drowning, and on the beach was a man named Poseiden.  And like the others, he too, was not too bright and he jumped in.  But then, an idea sprung in his mind to pretend he was on a bicycle (he was a little loony too).  Nonetheless, he managed to stay afloat, and was the first human to learn how to swim.  How does this relate to Blue?  I wonder who Poseiden attributed his insight to?  It certainly wasn’t the yellow-sanded beach.  Duuuude, Poseiden, how did you float on the water?  Oh, I was just staring at the Blue, and an insight hit me.  Duuuude, we should call you God of Water!  They did.

Then you’ve got the Vikings who discovered Ice(land).  And the icy place was where dead souls had to go, until they found their inner strength to locate the great dinner table of Odin.  The blue color of the ice was supposed to help bring insight.

There are many other examples in human history about how blue became associated with guidance and wisdom.  So now, that feeling is ingrained in everything.  Pen ink is blue because it helps people think.  Wordpress Publish button is blue to help me write.  Deep Blue is blue to help it play chess better.  Big Blue is blue to help is develop better computers.  Even Veins.  Veins are blue too (not really, just play along).  Veins are what the red blood cells travel across to get to their oxygen (after passing the heart, they’re sent to the lungs. Except connecting the heart and lungs are arteries, not veins, but just play along).  Veins are how the RBCs get their oxygen to function!  If they couldn’t get oxygen, we couldn’t get oxygen, and we couldn’t think.  Veins are what allow us to think!  Blue is the force of creativity and thinking and wisdom!  It an amazing color!

Now that thats over with, Chromomancy Update #6.

Starting with the video in Update #5…

1. Separate Red, Green, and Blue.

2. Allow the jets to rotate.

3. Allow the source to move.

4. Add a square to tell where the source and jets are (and give user control over movement and whether or not the jet is firing).

5. Add some blinking particles whose velocities are affected by the plasma.

6. Remove Red and Green.

7. Remove User Control.

8. Force Square to move like a circle.

9. Shoot Blue Plasma continuously.

10. Create a blinking particle every radian of movement.

11. Do a lyrics search on a song with the word Sparkle and Sky.

12. Ignore everything not from the 80s.

13. Pick song, and attach to video.

And after those simple 13 steps, we get this nice little animation:

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