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Romance and Blood

The Greeks were known for looking for a unifying theory to explain how everything works.  Thales said everything was made of water.  Some other guy said fire, and someone said air.  Pythagoras said Apeiron or as others know it, Aether.  But we can tell that the underlying force of the universe can be none of these  just by looking with out eyes.  Not everything works because of these elements.  But I have a new unifying theory.  Much better than the theory of scrabble unified theory which does not explain why people who do not play scrabble exist.  I say, everything in the universe runs on love.

We had an early example in poetry about the origin of blood agglutination where two blood cells fall in love, Bob and Zoe.  Unfortunately, Bob is AB+ and Zoe is O and Bob is in Zoe’s domain.  Agglutination ensues.



But perhaps that was not convincing enough.  Perhaps there remains doubt as to whether the universe can be explained solely through metaphors of love.

I present, Act 2 of The Universe Runs Of Love.  Starring Oxygen and Hemoglobin.

Hemoglobin had just been born and had begun already looking for someone to spend his life with.  But he had a small handicap.  He was to be bound his entire life to a large vehicle.  The Red Blood Cell.  He knew it better as Earth.  Oh, how he longed to find someone, but the only inhabitants of Earth were other proteins named Hemoglobin, and to marry someone with the same name as oneself just seemed wrong to him.  He needed someone who was not a Hemoglobin, nay, not even a protein.  Someone who could touch him in just the right place.  And this place, there were 4.  4 binding spots.

Hemoglobin’s opportunity came when the Aliens descended onto Earth.  They were small compared to the  Hemoglobins, but the press made a great deal about it.  “First Descent of the Oxygen Since Last Century” was what the headlines read.  But our main character Hemoglobin saw something different in one of the Oxygens.  He didn’t see just an alien to yell about and make a fuss about.  He saw someone who made him turn bright red in love.

So he approached her.  And they talked.  And that night, Oxygen attached herself to Hemoglobin’s binding site.  But then, the next morning, when Hemoglobin woke up, Oxygen was nowhere to be found.  Nor were any of the other Oxygens.  But she left a note for him.

“Tissue needs me.  But I have a consolation for you.”

Walking into the room, just as Hemoglobin had read the card, was someone who had vaguely the same physical features as Oxygen, but was somewhat hideous.

“Hello Hemoglobin.  My name is Carbon Dioxide.  Oxygen told me to substitute for her, so I will accompany you until she returns.”

Try as Hemoglobin might, he could not keep Carbon Dioxide away from him.  Carbon Dioxide loved Hemoglobin very much and restraint orders don’t exist on this BloodCell.  They were bound.  And Hemoglobin was sad, because he missed Oxygen.  He turned a much darker shade of red.  Through a red color filter, this would look quite blue (blue is not just creativity, it is also sadness).

Many many years passed.  100 years passed.  And then, Oxygen returned from the sky, along with the other Oxygens.  Carbon Dioxide bid Hemoglobin farewell and fled to the sky.  Oxygen and Hemoglobin were once again together.  And Hemoglobin was happy once again and turned bright red.

Except if you know about the respiratory system, you will know what happens again that night and that morning and the next 100 years of Hemoglobin’s life.


Aside from the amounts of time that pass between events, this is mostly accurate.  The time exaggeration was used so that human readers can get a feel for the amount of love that exists between Hemoglobin and Oxygen.  Love that lasts through an absence of 100 years is very strong.  Let it be known, however, that Hemoglobin develops an even stronger bond with Carbon Monoxide, and she, unlike Oxygen, is not needed by Tissue.  This is what goes on in your blood, my blood, my cat’s blood, and even Jack the Ripper’s blood.  Every Hemoglobin protein on every blood cell.

Hemo Rage

Hemo Rage is that game in the page called Original HemoRage Design Document.

It is not complete, but at this stage, it is playable.  Story about blood cells coming tomorrow with pictures and stuff maybe, and detailed strategies and control explanations, but I figured I’d just give the HemoRage release it’s own posting.  The code can be found here


Cursory overview of controls:

Arrows: Move Cursor

X: When cursor is over an antibody, attacks adjecent blood cell

Space: Select unit for movement

Q: End turn

Enter: Alter unit type if it is on it’s spawning square.  Or if your blood cell is on a base that isn’t yours, sacrifice blood cell to capture base.

Esc: Exit

Letters are antibodies, circles are antigens.  You can see your own blood types but not your opponents, so you must infer based on effects of antibodies.  Agglutinated blood cells follow antibodies until they die after a few turns.  Blood cells also perish in their own, and those with fewer antigens die sooner.

As of now, I have literally no idea what kind of strategy is involved in this game, or if there is strategy at all.  This is only the preliminary release of code.

Blood Poem Part 2 Finis

Continued from the post titled Blood, we follow Bob (AB+) in his journey through O-type blood.  Getting rejected by Zoe was only the beginning of the hardships he would face.

The last sentence was:

And Zoe looked at Bob and said, “You’re not my type” — We pick up the poetry from here


So Bob then said that, “I can change!”

“A, B, and O can blood types range!”

“I shall thus rid these antigens”

“So to avoid the pathogens.”

Zoe, offended, sharply said

“Pathogens are not your dread”

“Antibodies — what they are”

“And they will chase you near and far”


Bob was being chased by B, A, and D antibodies.  One could say he was in a BAD situation.  You know, when I think of antibodies latching onto a red blood cell now, I think of this:

But that is totally unrelated to this story.  The similar names are just a coincidence.


Exasperated, Bob exclaimed

“Oh dear, I wish not to be maimed!”

At this fool was Zoe much ticked

“They do not maim, they only stick!”

And then Bob was all like “Oh”

“Then I fear them not, dear Zoe”

He reach-ed out an antigen

And touched the Type-A pathogen.

The A-Type antibody clung

“It does not hurt!”, so Bob had sung

And Zoe was laughing all the while.

Heedless, Bob kept on his smile.

Thus the antibody bound

Itself to antigenic ground

Then it spied another cell,

AB+ Commence the hell

The antibody lurched one way

Bob, surprised, could just say “Hey!”

The other cell, his name has Rob

And just by chance, he had known Bob

Two sworn enemies, they were

Now approaching in a blur

Antibody fastened tight

Unto Rob, time for a fight

But then the fight was interrupted

Cell membranes had been corrupted

Agglutination had occurred

And death could now have been inferred

The moral is that AB+

Transfused to O will cause a fuss.

For adventure, do not yearn.

Or death will be a lesson learned.




I would also like to take a moment to say that iambic quadrameter can defenestrate iambic pentameter any day.

The foremost reason for this is that there is a saying somewhere that the maximum number of syllables clearly sayable in one breath is 17 (this has something to do with haikus being a sum of 17 syllables).  Two pentameter lines make 20 syllables, an awkward vocalization.  Two quadrameter lines, on the other hand… 16 syllables is much more comforting.  The problem is that if a breath is taken between line pair, the rhyme is forgotten.  Quadrameter allows rhymes to be emphasized.  Iambic quadrameter is awesome.

Now that the blood poem story is done, time to move on to other things… like the Blood Type Conglobulation simulation.  It will be colorful.  More colorful than this:


Using an incomplete Chromomancy engine, a totally different side project was made that has nothing to do with fractals or dots.  It is called Blood.

It is a metaphorical microscopic view of blood.  There is a border, and credit goes to “DanDaBear” for that and I own no rights to the picture and all that legal stuff.

More importantly, there, in the yellowish plasma (different kind of plasma than the one in Chromomancy), are a number of red circles.  Those are red blood cells.  They move around.  That is all there is so far.

But just to keep my mind clear, I’m going to list all the features I plan to have in this project in order of implementation.

1.  Different Blood Types

2. Mixing different blood types.

3.  Blood conglobulation (that word sounds much cooler than agglutination).

4. Sound effects.

5. Background music that may or may not relate in an obscure way to Angora Rabbits.


Now, some poetry!

Once upon a time, there was a Red Blood Cell. Its name was Bob.

Blood Cell Bob was AB+

And life was boring, no big fuss

For adventure, Bob had yearned

And so he’ll have a lesson learned.

All Bob wanted was to meet

Another cell, an O to greet.

Foolish Bob had left his home

In other blood, he will now roam

Searching for a friendly O

He finally found a blood cell, Zoe

In excitement, Bob had spoke

In hopes his poem could invoke.

Shall I compare thee to a red balloon?

Thou art more mobile and more beautiful

Rough winds do shake balloons awry at noon,

And Helium lack color plentiful.

Sometime too bright the dye of plastic shows

And often is the red complexion dead

And every fair from fair malady grows

By chance, or nature’s changing course, unsaid

But thy eternal redness shall not dud

Nor lose possession of that fair thou O’est

Nor shall Death brag thou wander’st in his blood

When in eternal veins to blood thou flowest

So long as cells are red, or veins are blue

So long lives this, and this gives life to you.

And Zoe looked at Bob and said, “You’re not my type”.

Poor Bob 😦

Shakespeare is probably shouting profanity at me for making such a mess of his sonnet.

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