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Original Turmheim Design Document

Turmheim (n) – Home of turrets (German)


This is a tower defense game.  The protagonist is a revered German inventor by the name of Heimerdinger.  Among his many inventions are the H-28G evolution turrets.  He constantly improves on their mechanics, and over time, he can build better and better turrets.  He also has a microrocket launcher that, of course, launches microrockets.  And he created a number of concussion grenades which are able to daze most living adversaries.

Now, the materials he uses to create all these weapons, let us call the sum of all of these materials, mana.  Or metal.  There is a place with nearly unlimited access to metal, and it is powered by a crystal upon an alter.  The metal source is quite durable on its own, but the crystal will shatter if enemies pound on it enough.  This will deprive Heimerdinger of the materials he needs to construct whatever we constructs.  He must set up a defense of turrets around the crystal to protect it from the enemies that try to break it.

But Heimerdinger is not alone.  He has support from 4 allies.

Blitzcrank – Blitzcrank is a sentient robot that can pull enemies away from places they should not be.  It is also capable of creating a static field that disables robotic enemies.  The source of Heimerdinger’s metal is also the source of Blitzcrank’s electricity.

Rumble – Another inventor, but he designs mechs instead.  He wants metal too.  His mechs spit flame.

Viktor – Another inventor.  He created Blitzcrank, and since Blitzcrank is allied with Heimerdinger, Viktor is willing to help as well.  He shoots lasers.

Orianna – Blitzcrank’s romantic partner, also a sentient robot.  She has a pet companion sphere which she uses to attack enemies.  She, like Viktor, sides with Blitzcrank.

League of Legends has a heavy influence on this game.  But we are borrowing only lore, not mechanics.


This is designed as a one-player game, but may incorporate up to five people, each playing as a different person/robot.  Theres a hexagonal grid that allows for 3 directional movement.  Each player and turret takes up one cell of the grid.  As does the crystal.  The source of metal and electricity are located on the cells that are within the hexagon of side length 3, located very close to the crystal.  All players have one usable spell.

Heimerdinger – Place Turret

This puts a turret on an unoccupied cell next to Hiemerdinger.  More about what turrets do later.

Rumble – Spit Flame

Damages everything within a semicircular arc.  A stronger Rumble means more range on the flame, or more damage, or more duration.

Blitzcrank – Pull

Pulls an enemy towards Blitzcrank if the spell hits something.  A stronger Blitzcrank means more range on the pull, or more pulls, or sooner pulls.

Viktor – Laser Strike

Starting from an adjacent cell, damages enemies in a line extending in one direction from this cell.  A stronger Viktor means more range on the laser, more damage, or faster laser sweep.

Orianna – Ball Attack

Ball moves in a line to selected cell, damaging enemies it contacts along the way.  A stronger Orianna means more max range on the ball, more damage, or faster ball.

Enemies spawn from portals located some distance away from the crystal.  They walk towards the crystal.  If there is a turret in the way, they attack that first, before the crystal.


When Heimerdinger places a turret, it can be a variety of colors.

Red: Gains damage from each kill

Yellow: Chance of lightning bolt striking multiple enemies

Green: Poisons enemies (Poison ignored armor)

Blue: Slows enemies

Orange: Fires microrockets

Purple: Fires concussion grenades

White: Doesn’t do anything special.

Black: Applies a global debuff to enemies

Additionally, as Heimerdinger’s turrets kill enemies, Heimerdinger gains levels which improve range, damage, and health on his turrets.

There is a degree of influence from Gemcraft here, with the turret types.

The Team

Team Manatee Enforced Hell (MEH)

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