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Original HemoRage Design Document

Turn Based, Grid Based, Strategy Game for >1 Players

Influenced a little bit by Advance Wars


1. Make a rectangular terrain grid map.  Possible terrain includes plasma, bone, and lymph.  Bone and lymph may have owners as well.

2. Add starting units if wanted.  Unit types are red blood cell and antibody.

3. There are 8 types of Red Blood Cells corresponding to 8 blood types.

4. There are 3 types of Antigens, Anti-A, Anti-B, and Anti-D (Anti-Rh).

5. Each player takes turns making a move.

6. At the beginning of a player’s turn, every bone owned by the player spawns a red blood cell of chosen type.  Every lymph spawns an Antibody of the player’s choice.

7. Each player knows the type of their own blood cells, but not of their opponents.  All players know the types of all antibodies.

8. If an antibody of one player is on an adjacent square to an unbinded blood cell of another player and the types correspond, they bind and the blood cell becomes attached to the antibody.  The player owning the antibody now controls both (so long as the antibody is not removed).  This is a symmetric rule.

9. When binding occurs, the antibody disappears and if a blood cell is binded for 3 turns, it disappears (this is sufficient time for the compliment system to tear it apart).  If no antibody is attached to a blood cell, it is freed.

10.  Multiple antibodies of similar type (owned by the same player) may occupy the same square.

11. No more than one blood cell may occupy a square.

12. If a player begins their turn with their own blood cell above a bone terrain, the blood cell is removed and the terrain becomes neutrally owned.

13. If a player moves a blood cell onto a bone terrain not owned by them, they may sacrifice the blood cell to gain ownership of the bone.

14. Rules 12 and 13 also apply respectively to Antibodies and Lymph.

15. Type O- disappears after 10 turns.  Types A, B, and O+ disappear after 15 turns.  Types AB, A+, and B+ disappear after 25 turns.  Type AB+ disappears after 99 turns.

16. Blood cells may move one unit per turn.

17. Antibodies may move two units per turn, unless attached to a blood cell.

18. A player loses when they run out of blood cells.

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