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Original Chromomancy Design Document


I.  Overview

This game is a 2D top-down shooter with elements of puzzles, adventure, and RPG as well, with the challenge being a combination of bullet dodging and geometry-based decisions.  It is aimed towards people who have an artistic sense and can appreciate colorful dynamic scenery.  The primary platform is windows computers, but support for macs may also be included.

II. Narrative


The main character, a dot, seeks to explore the entirety of the Sierpinski Triangle.  Many other dots stand in its way, and it must evade the other dots in crafty ways.  Progression happens when the dot levels up and gains access to more triangles for exploration.  To level up, experience point must be won from quests or defeating enemies.

III. User Experience


User Interface:


The world is a series of triangles, each of which has structures, NPCs, and enemies.  At the triangle’s three corners are jet streams of colored fluid, with a sink in the center.  The protagonist also emits its own stream of colored fluid constantly.  Sonification of the encompassing vector field will be responsible for the music that the player hears.  This is intended to link sight and audition.




Include a simulation of plasma physics and an encompassing triangular world. Plasma is the key to the game and as such well feature as both a gameplay element and a background feature. It comes in multitudes of colors and takes on a wave like appearance.




Controls include movement and firing.  Movement will use arrow keys; firing will use the space bar / mouse.  There will also be a menu that allows the player to customize allocation points in skills to better control the surrounding fluid and defeat enemies with ease.




The player may trade with NPCs for various cosmetic items which will affect the color of the surrounding fluid around the player.  The main method for defeating enemies will be by dissolving them in fluid of their same color.  Thus, even items that are for cosmetic purposes have potential to aid in combat.




Music will sync to the levels and match the desires of the program creators.

Firing sounds may eventually be incorporated but are currently seen as unnecessary.


IV. Gameplay




Death results in being sent to the beginning of the game albeit with advantages new players would not have such as previous level experience and character data.


You lose signs may also be displayed, but may also be reserved for harder difficult settings.




Defeating enemies while staying alive and dodging their attacks enables the protagonist to survive through a level and progress through the game.


Keyboard and mouse controls (final configuration in progress) will allow the user to use timing attacks to strategically eliminate opposing forces and defeat levels.

Style of Gameplay and player interaction:


The gameplay will take place inside a physics simulation of a mixture of fluids of various viscosities.  The world is an infinite expanse, mimicking the Sierpinski triangle, and the goal is to explore every triangle there is.  It is an independent game, but replays of levels can be saved and shared amongst others to add a competitive element.


Rewards and Interactions:


The rewards will be in the form of art and witnessing beautiful geometric patterns as well as music, as higher levels are reached.  The only risk factor is the character’s death, in which case the player must be reincarnated and restart at level 1 (however, NPCs that the player had already interacted with will remember the player).



V. Algorithm




Input keyboard controls possibly w,a,s,d or the arrow keys for orientation of the primary character


Input – Mouse, fires plasma jet


Output – movement of character and firing of plasma jets


Output – orientation change and movement of character


Process – uses users input and a combination of scenery along with timing attacks to defeat enemies and proceed to additional levels. Plasma engine currently performs Navier Stokes approximations with a color filter, and as of yet an unfinished approximation method.


Assumptions: – player will be given a certain amount of health or allotted survival time

–          Levels will grow increasingly difficult as enemies increase in durability and number

–          Levels while never being the same will be similar enough so that a method for defeating a certain phase may be formed.


Top Level Controls/Basic process


First level:

Load physics and map.

Start at center triangle, and load NPCs

Begin initial dialogue sequence.

Player moves.

Check if other nearby NPC dots to talk to (if so, begin dialogue)

Check if player is at a door (if so, enter door to a different triangle)

Generic level:

Load physics, load map, load guardian.

Player moves/shoots.

Guardian moves/shoots (according to AI)

Check bullet collisions.

Check guardian and player HP (if player hp is 0, start death sequence, if guardian hp is 0, check level up conditions and start entrance animation)

Entrance Animation:

Dissolve guardian into background.

Load 3 jet streams of colored fluid at each corner of triangle.

Load NPCs and structures (don’t display).

Draw fracture lines in the triangle similar to Sierpinski.

Animate triangular shards of ice flying away.

Display NPCs and structures.

Player moves.

Check if player is near an NPC (if so, begin dialogue)

Check if player is near door (if so, enter)

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