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Children of Venus

[Written as a response to In two hundreds words or less, describe the first planet humans visit in the future that COULD support life.]

“It’s promising.”

“Blue oceans, green land, just like home.”

“I thought it would be colder here, being third from the Sun but the thermometer says it’s warm”

“No, the atmosphere’s pretty good here. Heavy enough that we won’t run out of hydrogen.”

“Which means we can live on the water here for millions of years?”

“Yeah, we won’t run into the greenhouse effect like back on Venus.”

“So then we can slowly bring more people here after we test the environment!”

“The atmosphere is breathable if you want to go out now. Mostly oxygen. But that also means – ”

“Let’s go outside and have a look then!”

“That also means that there is already some form of life here though, be careful. It could be just bacteria, or maybe aliens have already evolved here.”

“Well, I’m having a look anyway, imagine being the first one to find intelligent life!”

“Fine, go, I’ll join you in a bit after I finish these observations.”

The raptors stalked curiously, circling about the sky-borne metal object. They listened and heard sounds inside. A panel opened and a small being stepped outside. They pounced.

There was still one more moving inside. They waited.

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