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I am a statue – alone in my room
Waiting for someone – to open the door – to tell me I won
Or lost – I can stay normal – perfecting my trade

Outside the window, a line of people
Destiny disagreed with them
Perhaps I will join them soon.

Banging on my door.
My heart leaps, I rush to open it
Awaiting the king’s messenger
It is only the servant, bringing more food

I can’t eat.
My head hurts.
I want to shatter the window and run.
Forget everything. I won’t be a hero.
But I’m paralyzed by my faith and hope
The heaviest weights, the acid within
My mind is dissolved, my thoughts are erased.
I choke on thin air, I gasp for a breath
But it lies among the stars in the sky
I can only struggle alone against myself
Waiting for someone to knock on my door.

Haiku: Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Enters as a spy
Gets to know community
Loses his hunger

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