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A Fallen Leaf

Forsaking my tribe

I am unique, they all green

I show a fantastical display of colors – red, orange, yellow

They held me back

I jump, not looking back, into an unknown abyss


The ground is soft and cushions my fall

There, I see others just like me

Colorful. Magnificent.

I also see dead ones whose skins take a deathly pallor of brown

But I am at peace with myself, able to show my true colors.

Then it happens.

Everyone is swept into a pile.

Captured, compressed, unable to move

A prismatic yet ugly amalgam of scattered color


I look upwards to my old tribe and plead for help

They turn away.

Comments on: "A Fallen Leaf" (2)

  1. Kumar Gautam said:

    umnn…quite thoughtful….nice

  2. …it’s so beautiful…reminds me of the life cycle of the apple…so similar and so sad…sniff…sniff…

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