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A Bored Deity is a Sadistic One

“Now let’s imagine that those people get unlimited power; all the primordial instincts that they don’t know exist within them would be suddenly unleashed. Those bored and unrestricted individuals become aggressive and do whatever pleases them. It turns mostly to sadism, because sadism is nothing other than enjoying power with all the faculties.” – William Markiewicz

[Scene at a Dining House]

[Main Street]

[Northwest Town Center]

[Suburbs of Eden]

In the middle of every town center is a large dining hall that feeds a great number of people.  As this hall is funded by taxes, many people eat here to make the most of its existence.  As such, it is the center of social activity and many people use it as a meeting place to talk.  The table itself is a work of art, created from metal and almost fractal in nature, essentially two large spirals extending from the endpoints of a C shape.  It is a hassle to navigate the interior portion of the table’s area, but this is overlooked for sake of the prospect of getting free food.

At this moment, two young men walk in and take seats across from each other at the big table.  These two, good friends for a countless amount of time, one studying computer science, one studying sociology, begin chattering immediately.

“So, how is that new software thing treating you?  What did you say it was for again?”

The red haired, goateed, social science studier leaned back in his chair and stared expectantly at his friend.

“It was a total waste of money. It was supposed to emulate a world like ours, with physics and everything, using some new kind of computation method.  But the GUI gets in the way of everything. I fed different groups of people different information pieces in different ways about a great God who can do anything. I used a big for loop to spam a city with frogs. But it’s so boring!”

The blonde haired computer science studier threw his arms into the air with exasperation.

“Grant, could you not design your own GUI easily? Just put it from the point of view of a person? Set a camera location to where the head is, and calculate the angle based on the neck”

“That, Mepho, is a brilliant idea.”

Mephisto, as his full name was, leaned forward, interlaced his fingers and rested his head upon his hands.

“You paid no attention to that 3D graphics course we all took, didn’t you?”

Grant rolled his eyes and sourly spoke

“That class was a waste of time. It wasn’t even proper programming. You probably still know more about 3D graphics than me.”

“Do you want me to write it for you?” Mephisto smiled.

“No,” Grant stammered, “I can figure it out. I don’t need help.”

Mephisto added, “yet.”

“Okay, we can work on it together!”, said the flustered Grant.


[House of Grant]

[Yggdrasil Street]

[South of Northwest Town Center]

[Suburbs of Eden]

Grant is sitting at a computer, concentrating, hunched forward, head leaned on one arm, other arm resting on the upper of two crossed legs. His window is open, and a weak cool breeze is flowing through, rustling the thin, translucent curtains.  The floor is cluttered with various items, including food wrappers, upside down books, and boxes.  On the computer screen is a group of clouds that Grant is using the mouse to shape into a semblance of a certain human’s face.

This human was an arbitrarily selected individual whose life Grant decided to make a special one. This individual was given a drive to convince people to be good to one another. Grant had also given him a few superpowers temporarily. Unfortunately, the ruling government that this individual lived in was not exactly about being good to other people.  They did not like his views, and plotted to kill him.  And they did, at a time while Grant was in a class and unable to intervene with an explosion as he had earlier planned.

Deciding to make the most of it, he decided to make him seem like a divine person.  The corpse was hidden in a cave, but it was easy to find it and delete it, and then he decided to put a picture of him in the clouds.  People would see the clouds and think the dead person to be an angel.  They might even make a cult and/or belief system out of it!

The cloud shaping fun was interrupted by the dull, clanging sound of a doorbell.  Grant hurriedly rushed downstairs to open the door for Mephisto.

Together, they mosied on back to Grant’s computer, to see the world simulation.

“So you can do whatever you want to affect the people?”

“Yeah, I made one of them think he was the son of a deity, but he got killed while I was in class.”

“I bet we could do some really interesting experiments on some of these people”, said Mephisto in deep thought. “There’s one thing in particular I want to try.”

Grant stared at Mephisto with a small amount of fear.  Whenever Mephisto was in deep thought, it was always some kind of planned evil.

“What are you planning?”, inquired he.

“Oh, secret.”, Mephisto said quickly, “I just wonder what would happen if we gave one of these people an interface to God mode.”

“And how would that be possible if nobody here has a computer?”

“If this is a simulation of people like us, then they should have computers at some point in the future. Maybe a few months of simulation.”

“Even so, self modifying code is something I’ve never done before.” Grant scratched his head, “But maybe I could use psudo network communications.”

“Pick a random person after they get computers, and implant an electronic memory card in that person to find.”

“And how will they find the card?”

Mephisto shrugged, “I don’t know, but something will probably happen.  It couldn’t hurt to try, right?”

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