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Chromomancy Update #11

Starting from the last paragraph of Red, there is now a level 7 with flowers.  They shoot bullets.  Now, after doing a bit of research, I discovered there were only a small number of flower species that shot pollen at stuff.  In general, they’re all of the Impatiens genus.  Now I am not a botanist, but the fact is, Impatiens sounds a lot like impatience, so why not make a hidden level to test the player’s patience?

And that’s exactly what level 8 is.  It is a secret level, deeply connected to the number 42.  And at it’s center will be the Monarch of Impatiens, Lizzie (because one of the most prominent flowers of Impatiens is called the Busy Lizzie).  Anyway, I made a small drawing for it that will be way harder than the lightbulb to code in graphics, but here is a prototype picture of our “Lizzie”.

And this here is the upside down Lizzie.  Don’t look at it too closely or Freud will begin to mess with your mind.

Our Lizzie has read of a legendary Yuuka Kazami, queen of flowers, and shoots pollen and summons flowers in basically the same way she would shoot bullets.

However, take note that our dot protagonist may not have to fight the great Lizzie at all if you use reason and patience when dealing with her.  Of course, if you don’t fight Lizzie, you probably will not be eligible to receive the item(s) she will drop.  Keep in mind though, that level 8, where Lizzie will reside is a secret level triggered by something involving the number 42.  This is not in any way at all related to the plot of the game, it’s just something on the side.

Also, just because I used red ink to draw it, does not mean that Lizzie will be red.  There are no screen shots yet, but the flowers currently change colors based on how much pollen they have.  Lizzie will also change colors.

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