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Let’s talk about doors.

A door is, simply, a movable barrier.  Usually rectangular.  Usually to prevent things from getting into somewhere.  Or out.  Like a snail uses a door to keep predators out of its shell.

Now the first doors relating to human history was in the cave age.  Say I’ve got a cave.  Say it’s winter.  Well then I probably want something to block the cold from getting into my cave.  I roll a big stone to block the cold air from getting into my cave.  And what happens?  Two things happen.  First, it is now really really dark.  But I won’t complain about the dark for very long because I am about to die of asphyxiation.

And everyone else who lives in nearby caves are like, “Yo man, after So-and-So installed the new door, I ain’t seen him.  Want to open it and see what’s up?”

And a group of people open the door to find a corpse of the first person to use a door.  And for a while, nobody really wants a door.  They are quite fearsome objects, killing people here and there.  And people didn’t even know oxygen existed(or that it was necessary for life), so instead of saying, “An unfortunate death of asphyxiation”, they say, “OMFG Doors are EVIL EVIL EVIL.  Kill all doors on sight!  NO DOORS.  BAD DOORS. EVIL!”

This idea that doors are evil had made its way into early civilizations too.  Want to contain an evil curse?  Keep it busy by giving it a door.  Archaeologists kick down the door a few thousand years later?  No more door to distract curse.  King Tut haunt you now.

So in essence, the purpose of a door is to keep evil on one side, and good on the other side.  To put it in modern terms, a door separates things.  Open a door, expect something different than what you’ve seen already, something dangerous.

One example use of a door.

Suppose you’re in a desert being chased and want to evade your chaser.  Take a door out of your pocket and plant it in the desert sand.  Go through the door and close it.  Your pursuer will then have to open the door upon reaching it.  You are to stay behind the frame, waiting in ambush.  Door opens, you ambush.  And if your chaser opts instead to walk around the door, rotate the door about yourself, keeping it between you and your chaser, forcing your chaser to go through the door to reach you.

One of the prime emotions tied to doors are fear.  Opening a door you have never seen before can be quite unnerving.  Who knows what may be hiding behind it?  A bat?  A vampire?  A vampire and a bat?  A vampire bat?  A pile of old board games?  An empty room?  Doors hide the unknown.  They conceal the evil on the other side.  Unless you are evil in which case it is concealing good.

It is no surprise, then, that the word door is found in the proverb “Do or die”.  The original phrase was “Die, door!” when the fear associated with doors begat violence.  Some people said it differently it “Door!  Die!”  This method of speaking caught on, because it was faster to say, for it lacked a comma.  Then, over time, people lost the feeling of the exclamation, and it was just “Door.  Die.”  Then, it became just a formality to say, “Do-or-die”.  This was coupled with a shift in meaning of the phrase, which because “[Do] kill the door or die”.  And now, it is a common proverb to say “Do or die”.  That is the origin of the phrase.

Doors are evil.  Kill them all.  Open door policy.

There was an old door made of wood.
Which quietly, subtly, stood.
An intruder came by,
The door gave a sigh
And said, “Dude get out of my hood.”

There was an old door made of blood.
A quiet and quite subtle stood.
An intruder came by,
The door gave a sigh
And said, “Dude get out of my mood.”

So Chromomancy Update before a third poem even worse than the second.  Well, there are levels now.

There’s also an inventory screen.  And the shrapnel is attracted to the player sometimes.  So next, there will grenades which will explode with great conviction when enemies are found nearby.  And maybe there will be more dialogue and more levels.  And level 6 will probably exist, and level 1 will no longer say below it, “DEATH BEYOND HERE”.  And maybe there will be other stuff.  Like additional pylons which do not require you to construct.

New features that weren’t here before include dialogue, combat, levels, and inventory.

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