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It is the golden item that is a recurring motif in Legend of Zelda games.  It consists of three golden triangles.  One represents power, one wisdom, and one courage. There are three gods associated with them, respectively, Din, Naryu, and Farore (separate entities but they’re all god in a sense).  They also have three associated colors, Red, Green, and Blue.  Now, a few of these ideas have been seen elsewhere.

Let’s start with the three gods, Din, Naryu, and Farore, who all created Earth as we know.  They are not equal to each other, but they are all equal to god.  Hmm.  Sounds a little like the Holy Trinity.  Without delving too deeply into religion, we can also see that this “3 different things, not equal to each other but to something else” is seen in the Sierpinski Triangle:

Each of the three subtriangles are not the same as the others, but they are all infinite and equal to the bigger triangle.  Fractals are awesome like that.  But that’s not important yet.  It’ll be important some time in the far future at which point I will point back to here and say yeah, I already said fractals are awesome, because at that point I’ll be writing about something totally different.  I love breaking the fourth wall.

Now, also in the triforce are the colors Red, Green, and Blue.  This, as we know, are the additive primary colors.  There are only 3 primary colors, because color is a 3-dimensional thing.  Another way to express color in 3 dimension is hue, saturation, and brightness.  But that is digressing.

And lastly of the triforce observations are that each piece is symbolic of power, wisdom, and courage.  The triforce itself is in perfect balance.  So we get Red for Power, Blue for Wisdom (Chromomancy Update #6), and Green for Courage.  A combination would be red+blue=magenta or purple.  Purple is power and wisdom without courage.  Who has power, is educated, but is usually a coward?  Kings and nobles!  And that, folks, is why purple is the color of royalty.

Triangles are very versatile indeed.  An infinity of combinations can be made, because from three points are defined a plane.  Triangles can be defined just by 3 side-lengths.  Other polygons need angles too.  They have what mathematicians and physicists call degrees of freedom.  Triangles have no degrees of freedom.  They are oppressed shapes.  They are rigid.  They are soldiers (Flatland reference, right there).

Triangle in greek is also delta.  Delta means change.  Triangles bring about change.  Because triangles are the strongest shape to bring about change with.  Bermuda is right-on with their triangular-shaped change (aha it’s a pun!).

So, to summarize, triangles are powerful.  So when we take one, and spin it, that saying to the power “You’re not powerful at all.  Look at me spinning you.”  It is subversion, that’s what it is.  Nobody likes to be under power.  They want to subvert it.  So, level 1 of Chromomancy involves a spinning triangle just to set the record straight.  This is a game about freedom, not oppression.  Let the triangle spin!

This was a rather simple change from Update #6.  Steps are:

1. Shoot red, green, and blue simultaneously.

2. Set plasma target to screen center.

3. Add 3 dots named Red, Green, and Blue.

4. Make Red red, Green green, and Blue blue.

5. Make Red shoot red, Green shoot green, and Blue shoot blue.

6. Make them form an equilateral triangle.

7. Make them move in a circle at a constant rate so the equilarity of the triangle is preserved.

8. Add a big “CHROMOMANCY” to the front, in white text.

9. Undamp the density of the plasma, so color is persistent.

10. Make invisible walls one gridblock away from the real walls so fewer physics upsets occur.

11. Remark that it looks like a storm, and theres a Triforce.

12. Find Legend of Zelda music with storm in title (based on friend’s suggestion).

13. Add music.

Also, this is a few days after the video was made, now there are levels.  Those will be talked about later, once a suitable title is found.

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