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There is happy news and angry news.

Happy news:

After a total of 8 tries at intrasquare shading, a good shading equation was found at last.  This means other parts of Chromomancy may now be developed.

Unlike the other two videos, this one was compressed.  Twice.  So the quality is bad.  It still looks nice.  It’s still colorful.  That is the happy news.  And the source code can be found here:


Angry News:

It has recently come to my attention that I have been deceived for about 5 years.  When two conflicting blood types are mixed, antibodies from one bind together the cells of the other to create agglutination.  Everywhere I know of, even on google images, this is the depiction of red blood cell agglutination.

So for 5 years, I was like, oh, so antibodies are about as big as cells.  And 3 hours of hardcore geometry and plus/minus sign frustrations were had.  And after those 3 hours, the geometry for Blood was tentatively complete.  The antibodies were able to bind one cell to each end and there was rejoicing.

That is, until an Immunology Textbook was opened.  And it was discovered that antibodies are much smaller than cells (no picture on hand to provide, unfortunately).  And the clear sound of profane words echoed from the room.  Well, a lot of time was wasted there.  And I was really really mad at Red Blood Cells.  I wanted to rip holes in them.  I was that angry.  But they are too small for me to rip holes in myself.  So I turned to Chapter 7 (I will take a moment to thank my Anatomy Teacher) and discovered *drumroll*: The Compliment System.

It goes like this.  C4 (the one that doesn’t explode) binds to cell.  C2 binds to C4.  C3 binds to C2.  C5 is cut by C3 and breaks.  C6 binds to C5.  C7 binds to C6.  C8 binds to C7.  C9 binds to C8.  Then there is a Big MAC.  And the C’s make a lance that tears a hole in the cell for me.  And there are many copies of these C’s that attack all places on the cell membrane. And like a storm of wasps stinging a blimp, deflation occurs and the blimp falls to the ground.  In this case, the Red Blood Cell just dies.  Because there are many many C’s.  Too many C’s to count (similar to how a report card would look).

Yeah, so to celebrate the Compliment System’s ability to rip apart Red Blood Cells, there will be a poem.  Soon.  It is half done.

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