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I learned some C.  And then I decided to use JNI to connect some java code to c, just to make the code even faster (2700 fps wasn’t enough).  But after fighting a long uphill battle for 4 hours, I have decided that running the c through java is currently unreachable.  This is a brief summary of the battle:


Me: Run! Run! Why won’t you run?!? Why won’t you run…

Program: Beneath this code, there is more than C.  Beneath this code there is a bug, Mr. IO, and bugs are tamperproof!


It is good to know when to stop, when to give up, when to ask for help.  Pride is good to have, but only when you know what you’re doing.  When it comes to C, I certainly don’t.

But moving away from failures, some triangular equations are in development (I am fed up with seeing squares).  The computations are foreseeably way more cpu-consuming, meaning the frame-rate may take an arrow to the heel and fall down to 1000.  Or even 500.  Which is why it is imperative to port the math to C.  500 fps just will not do.

So more colorful pictures will make their way over here soon.  A source control system was also set up, but you don’t care about that.

Oh, there is also ongoing work on music.  Maybe in a month, there will be a video with music.

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