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Just Chromomancy

Okay, so this is going to be a rant.

I’ve made three posts titled with Chromomancy, expecting by now if Chromomancy were searched on google, it would lead to here.  But no.  Well, I need to get to the top of that list.  So I’m going to use the word Chromomancy as many times as I can here, and tag this with different word forms.  Chromomancy is using color as a source of power.  It works because of how color is linked to psychology.

If you want to piss someone off, put them in a room with walls of a color they dislike.  Want to invigorate something?  Use red.  Evolution taught us fight or flight, and when we see something that is the same color as our blood, we get hyped.  That is Chromomancy.  Blue is the sky.  And a lake.  It is soothing.  Imagine drinking a nice glass of yellow water.   Ick.  But you wouldn’t complain if the water is blue.  Because blue is a calming color.  That is Chromomancy.  Green is the color of grass.  Grass is where groups of stuff convene, because in an open field, all is visible and predators can’t sneak up.  Green is a social color.  That is Chromomancy.

Imagine, for a moment, a world without Chromomancy.  Imagine a world without color, nor the emotions linked to them.  Imagine if that color printer you have, suddenly broke down and you could only print gray scale.  Imagine all your cones in your fovea suddenly disappeared.  That would suck.  To master Chromomancy is to know what it is truly like, living without color, then passing the message to others to appreciate that they have functional cones.  To be a Chromomancer is to say no to gray.  Say no to smoke.  Say no to pollution.  They take away the Earth’s color.

Join the order of Chromomancy.  Add some color to your life.

I’ll add the word Chromomancy 5 more times just for good measure.  Chromomancy.  Chromomancy.  Chromomancy.  Chromomancy.  Chromomancy.

Comments on: "Just Chromomancy" (2)

  1. Well, ya made it. You’re the top when I googled. 🙂

  2. You need to remove the ‘just’ from the title tag.

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