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Chromomancy Update #2

After adding about 5 lines of code, the frame rate (per second) went up from 7 to 2700.  This is a little bit too fast, but at least now there exists processing time for complicated shading algorithms.  So I made a few different shading algorithms.  I think I should stick with the original one (from Chromomancy Update #1) for now.

Weight assigned to each of  the 4 vertexes based on taxicab distance.  At least the shapes are easily visible here….

The first weighting algorithm I used in this project.  It’s not working any better.  Weights are assigned to each vertex based on the “real” distance (not taxicab) to the 4 square vertexes.

My favorite one.  You can actually see part of the jetstream here (the darkblue thing poointing right, inside of the aquamarine colored part).

The problem here is that the slopes at the corners for the shading approach infinity, so discontinuities are abound.  So I decided to try two different interpolation methods, to make the derivative a smaller value, say 0.

Utter failure.  I feel like I did something wrong coding this, but I’d rather put the blame on quadratic interpolation.  It’s not even the right color.  I have no idea where all the yellow came from.  And the top left corner just looks ugly.

Another failure.  Squares are easy to see.  Logistic interpolation failed.  The growth functions learned in calculus are not useful.  Better than the Quadratic one though.  And at least the jetstream is visible (the darkblue hook thingy).

So today’s progress…. well all that was really done was increasing the frame rate over 300-fold.

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