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Chromomancy Introduction

Okay, this just changed form being a writing blog to being a game development blog. It will follow the toils of two aspiring insignificant java programmers in their quest to create an amazing game. Java being java, the odds are stacked heavily against them, but hey, that didn’t stop JageX and Minecraft from being awesome, so there remains an iota of hope.

So, this being the first blog post, let’s start with an introduction and/or overview of what this project will be (you know, I really should have used a website that gave a little more support towards these things. I still haven’t figured out my way around wordpress.) So I looked at a number of games and subjectively decided that 2 of them were totally amazing and deserved to have their mechanics combined. Bubble Tanks, and Plasma Pong. I mean, think about it. Bubbles are the cutest things ever, and Plasma is the most colorful thing ever. Bubble Tanks is also a pretty much boundless game that allows for the never-ending fun of bursting other bubbles and collecting them to burst more bubbles. So let’s combine them. Along with a Sierpinski Triangle because those things look pretty too. And you have Chromomancy.

Now I should probably have made this introduction before starting the project itself, but whats done is done, so what’s been done so far is a top-down shooter with spacey physics, bad graphics, monotony, terrible GUI, etc., and a plasma engine with bad math and bad graphics (but it’s amazing if you’re looking for something to compliment a dose of magic mushrooms). But hopefully over the course of 4 months, this will turn into a functional game. Hopefully. No guarantees.

And you know what, this will also stay as a writing blog. Because there will also be a story based on this game, called Seven Sirens and a Silver Tear. I feel like I said something about this earlier, but I can’t see older posts from the QuickPress interface. The main character is a dot named Craven Hart, there’s a goddess named Reena Bowe yaddayaddayadda.

Now enough with the text, here’s 2 screen-shots.

In this one, you can see a tilation of squares with colors inside them.  The fact that you can see the squares means this is bad.  Very bad.  Also, I have doubt as to the validity of the fluid dynamics equations being used here.


In this picture, you can see a bland heath bar, and a dark dot shooting dark bullets.  It is aiming at the red dots, trying to neutralize them.  On neutralization, the red dots drop blue dots which may be collected.  You can’t see how many blue dots you collected.  But you can press a number key to sacrifice a blue to gain a point back on the health bar.  I can’t even begin the explain the sheer amount of things wrong here.


So there you have it.  This is Chromomancy Version 12.2.6.  It definitely has room for improvement.  Oh yeah, 20 times as much time was spent making the latter screenshot desipte it looking nowhere near as trippy as the first.  Just thought I’d mention that.

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