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Yarn #1


I have taken up crocheting on 23 September 2011.

I had to write a character sketch for my creative writing class.


Dana, ocean blue yarn. She had just woken up. She had three frills that curved inwards to reflect her frivolous personality. On her mind right now was a growth that showed itself on her left frill. She looked closely at it in the mirror. It was not that she had never seen one of them before, but she was growing weary of having to deal with knots that appeared on her forehead. Life had phases. Teenagers got acne. It was part of life.

Her mind took her back to when she was just a young child. Fragile, small, she was but a short string. But over time, she had developed loops and contours that made her quite attractive, in the eyes of yarns of the other gender. While most yarns would grow into the shape of a common rectangle, Dana was born with a certain defect that caused her edges to grow more wrinkly than was typical of other yarns her age. That new wrinkle was what she was staring at in the mirror. Another yarn appeared behind her reflection.

“Mother.” she whispered, loud enough to be heard, quiet enough to sound as if she were talking to herself.

“Yes dear, you have another knot, don’t you?” the larger cylindrical leafy green yarn said in response.

“Can I borrow the bottle of anti-knot lotion?”

“I am afraid we ran out. I was going to run by CVS yesterday, I forgot -”

“But Mother! I can’t go to school looking like this! The knot! Right on my forehead!” She was ready to pinch off the growth. Perhaps taken a knife to tear is off. This Monday was the important day. How could she stand up in front of the class and give the presentation looking like this? Especially since Austin, the most handsome guy in her grade, was right in the front row!

Her mother seemed to read right into her thoughts of knifing off the knot.

“Now, Dana, you are not going to tear off the knot. I’m sure if you tuck it behind one of your frills, nobody will notice. Your breakfast is getting cold, come downstairs when you’re ready.” The light green yarn quietly stepped out and walked down the stairs. Dana was alone. Alone with the knot. The hideous, disgusting, ginormous, heinous knot. Tuck it behind a frill? The frills were the only thing anybody looked at in school.

“Haircut”, she said firmly. It didn’t matter if she’d be late to school, she had to get rid of the knot. She held the scissors nervously, looking into the mirror. She heard the engine of the school bus sputter past her house. No turning back. She closed her eyes and raised the scissors. Her hand slowly approached the knot, ready to purge it from the realm of existence. She opened the scissors, and held her breath.

Quickly, she exhaled and swiftly closed the scissors upon the knot. There was no pain. She opened her eyes. There was no knot. It was gone. She stared at the scissors. Her eyes moved back towards her reflection. Another frill? A fourth frill? She spun in the mirror to make sure it wasn’t imaginary. The knot had grown into another frill. As she calmed herself down, she turned to walk down the stairs, finding herself face-to-face with the light green yarn, staring at the scissors.

“I can explain, Mother!”

“Yes, I’m sure you can. You missed your bus, so there’s no time for you to eat breakfast. Put down your scissors, I’m driving you to school.” Her eyes narrowed. “Now.”


While I’m at it, I should include a picture of “Dana” below:

You can see near the top right corner, a loop resulting in a badly done chain stitch.  The “knot” referred to in the sketch.

I do hope I have spun a good yarn, pun intended.


I later completed Dana, hence the knot morphing into another frill (she looks much better here):

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