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A Story About Dots Part 1

Before the great wizard Merlin perished in the imprisonment of the Lady of the Lake, he infused his will into the body of a dove, in order to bless the holy grail. Unfortunately, he failed to foresee the relocation of the grail, thus the directions he gave to the dove led it awry. Unable to locate the grail, the dove could no longer bear the burden of the arcane forces and lays an egg containing the magic to alleviate itself. Years later, this egg hatched, and without the chalice to contain the magic, it spread to various distant locations. One cluster of magic landed in the North Pole, infusing itself into the icy terrain. A triangle was formed. The forces governing the interior of this triangle would later play an important role in securing and protecting the grail.

Hundreds of years after the triangle’s formation, much of what had been it’s edges had crumbled away. The points living inside it had had to migrate towards the center of the triangle to live. Fortunately, being points meant that they took up no space and a triangle of any size could support infinite life. However, there was expressed desire for lower population density, and points being immortal, the population was only increasing as living space decreased. While too small to see by human eye, these points have colors associated with them. Unlike humans with skin, the souls of a point are transparent, allowing other points to see the color of each others souls.

One point, not too indistinguishable from the rest, was of an ebony red color. His name is Kraven Hart. A ravenheart, he is able to consciously disobey authority points without suffering the negative consequences of guilt. Long interested in math and maps, he constantly ventured near a forbidden place at the center of the triangle.

Many points subscribed to the belief that the triangle was held together by a force known as gravity, and the disappearance of land was due to rising sea levels. Kraven knew, however, in his heart, that everyone else was wrong. Why? Because he could feel the power of a magic field within the land. Many points attributed this to Kraven’s insanity. After all, only a point of a great insanity level could openly disobey the order of the light blue authority points.

Many times, Kraven would get near the center of the land, but he would always get stopped by the guards. But being that a point takes no space and they are immortal, the guards could never adequately imprison or otherwise keep Kraven from trying to get to the center. The reason traversing the center of the land is illegal is that it is the grounds of the original separation of colors. Thus it is regarded as a very holy place, unfit to be trod upon. However, today, Kraven thought of a way to get past the guards. Hardly a trial, all he would need to do is drape a lackluster cloth around himself to disguise himself as a part of the terrain, a cinch, which would have succeeded had he not sneezed while a guard was nearby. However, that one guard made a tactical error, for instead of gathering two other guards to triangulate on the terrain, he gathered the entirety of the temple protectors, leaving the entrance unguarded. Quietly, Kraven used a miniscule piece of ice to masquerade as the point beneath the cloak, allowing him to slip away into the temple without the guards’ notice.

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